"I was born with creativity well lodged within my soul and I've dedicated my life to setting it in sweet motion by making a career out of the development of brands, products, spaces and their marketing.

Multifaceted companies, luxury real estate, advertising, niche fragrances and cosmetics-I've conquered everything. In over 20 years of experience I managed more team projects than I can remember and my artistic vision and keen eye for details have never failed me. Call me a professional designer and brand maven, a skilled strategist and perfumer - but more than anything else, call me artist and proud mom. 


And don't let my analytical mind and the development of  millions of square Mts on portfolio, or thousand of products  intimidate you, cause my ways are gentle and communication swift.
I'm genuinely looking forward to working with established labels, ambitious startups and small home businesses alike. 

Will always be here to help with level headed advice culled from years of hard work, so go ahead and send me a whole-heartedly email about your ideas and lay your project on my hands. 


During my design journey and adventures I also created ( still creating ) my own business and companies and you can learn about them today HERE. "


What are my Business About?

I create experiences that permeate people’s minds through the senses and bold visual concepts to make projects easily and positively remembered in a tough and competitive market.  As an artist myself I developed brands for my own pleasure in the aim to share with the world products and services that make life a little more beautiful everyday. 


We explore the context We develop the brand’s core
We create: the name, the message, the visual identity. 

We setup online platforms, be it a simple webpage or point to point satellite based systems.
We audit and activate the business idea

We organize the manufacturing of goods. 

And we design the way your project will interact with the end users. 


But first things first, let’s talk:
Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us today and visit our websites to discover our services and stunning template collections. Our agency serves artisan brands with the same care we take for large corporations and high end retailers, because we believe in the democratisation of design.